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Standard Timelines for Web Services Projects

A project plan will be presented and discussed with you during the Kick Off meeting for your project. Project plans are initially based on a standard timeline discovered through experience and metrics with similar projects completed by Web Services in the past. The projects are created and maintained in MS Project, but may be presented to you in a different format for your review.

The standard Web core project timelines begin at the time of the initial Kick Off meeting with your Web Services Project Manager and continues until the product(s) in the project are taken live to your end users.

Please note that all timelines are fully contingent upon the ability of all parties to meet all interim task and milestone deadlines in the project plan. It is VERY important to take note of this, because if deliverables are late during the course of the project (content documents, for example), your projected date for taking your products live and all interim dates will also be late.

  • FlexGUI - 60 days
  • Web Center and Custom Unix Web Sites- 120 days

After Hours Support

Please advise, during the amendment process, if you will need post-hour support for your project, including the roll-live date and time. There will be an additional charge for roll-lives to be completed other than during the timeframes of Monday - Friday, 9AM Eastern - 6PM Eastern, not including holidays.